I’ve hit that point in my life when I notice friends getting married, having kids, engagements, new jobs, you know getting a life and just growing up! I don’t understand how some friends can’t support and seem bitter about their friends growing up, I mean sure you feel left out and out of place while with your newly engaged friends and you can’t help but think, wow here I am, THE SINGLE ONE. I mean is it truly a bad thing? I am happy with being single and don’t plan on getting engaged anytime soon. I still feel like I am  finding out who I am and what I want in life. Why rush a process because everyone else around you is walking down the isle, When it happens, It happens. And I’m happy to see my other friends happy, I love weddings and I love babies! One day I’ll be finally feeling like my life is on the right track and would hope all my friends would be just as happy as I feel, and have that support. No need to feel bitter and just sad, I’m happy just hanging with myself and my other single friends. I’m glad I at least have plenty of other friends who are in the same situation as I am and one day when we all find ourselves and are ready for MARRIAGE, We’ll all be there to talk about our husbands and wives and kids. For now, I’m perfectly lonely (John Mayer song is my jam)